Market Facilitation

SEDCO assists MSMEs to access space for showcasing their products in local and international trade fairs and similar events.


Market Facilitation and Coaching of World Vision-supported Groups

The Market Facilitation and Coaching Assignment is a World Vision-funded project that seeks to graduate Savings Groups in rural parts of Eswatini to become producer groups that can be linked to formal markets. This project has come about because of a long-standing partnership that exists between World Vision and SEDCO. In 2021 SEDCO was initially assigned to carry out a Producer Group Profiling Exercise that would identify PGs that are market-ready as well as determine the type of assistance that is required to move them from non-market ready to market-ready. The profiling exercise identified 79 Producer Groups with a total membership of 1,882 households in 5 area programmes in the Shiselweni & Lubombo regions. These include Mahlalini, Maseyisini, Mantambe, Matsanjeni and Lubulini.