Global Entrepreneurship Week 2023

Global Entrepreneurship Week is a worldwide campaign that aims to celebrate and empower entrepreneurs from all countries and communities. Entrepreneurs are the unsung heroes of our society, embodying bravery and resilience. They invest their financial resources, time, and energy into their business ideas, showcasing their dedication and willingness to take substantial risks.

Entrepreneurs stimulate economic growth and create new job opportunities by providing new products, services, and innovations to the market. We extend our gratitude to all entrepreneurs across the country for their contributions to our communities. SEDCO will continue to provide development interventions in support of national economic growth, employment creation, and poverty reduction.

In light of the challenge of youth unemployment in Eswatini, I encourage the youth to leverage technology by venturing into digital entrepreneurship. As a digital entrepreneur, you have the advantage of running an online business, working from home, setting your own hours, and connecting with potential customers around the world.

I also call on all Emaswati to show support and appreciation for small businesses by buying locally. This will help small businesses grow and reach new heights.