One House Hold One Product

SEDCO embarked on the One House hold One Product (OHOP) programme to invigorate local entrepreneurship in the rural areas. Through OHOP, SEDCO encourages Emaswati to actively engage in business opportunities at the household level to be able to utilize readily available resources productively hence transforming such households into economically productive units. The idea is to encourage households that are located close to one another to organize themselves into producer clusters to create a critical mass of products that can be produced and marketed collectively.


  1. National Integrated Tinkhundla Fruit Tree Project

The National Integrated Tinkhundla Fruit Tree Development Project was launched on the 28th of October 2014 by the then Honourable Minister for Commerce. The aim was to intensify SEDCO’s One Household One Product Programme through embarking on fruit tree production by household clusters, schools churches, and neighbourhood care points.  The project depends on grants from local donors for its survival.