Business Incubation Programme

Business Incubation

This is a business development process that seeks to accelerate the creation and growth of MSMEs by providing them with resources and business support services that they need over a defined period. The assistance package includes an end-to-end process tailored for pre-start-ups and early stage businesses which entail mainly business resources, capacity building and general business support services.

Business Incubation Process

The business incubation process covers the period from when an aspiring entrepreneur approaches SEDCO or is selected through some intervention until a matured business exits the incubation programme. The process has three major stages which a client must go through pre-incubation, incubation, and post-incubation.


Pre-incubation refers to the support services provided to aspiring entrepreneurs before they launch their business. This stage starts from idea generation until the idea is developed into an executable plan. During this stage SEDCO provides business start-up services which include the following:

      • Entrepreneurship training (Course duration – 2 weeks)
      • Idea evaluation methods and techniques (Course duration – 1 week)
      • Business plan training (Course duration – 1 week)
      • Company Registration
      • Business plan development


Once the business is admitted into the programme it will receive the following support services:

      • Provision of business premises
        • Admitted businesses are offered a working space at a subsidised fee through an incubation lease agreement.
      • Capacity development plans (CDP)
        • Based on the business analysis the business is assisted to develop a six months capacity development plan. This is a monitoring tool that must be reviewed every six months during the incubation period.
      • Business Training
        • A set of fifteen standard training courses are provided over the three years programme, such may be altered depending on the capacity development plan. The business training includes

Early-incubation (Year 1):

      • Keeping financial records and books
      • Costing, break-even analysis & making
      • Business compliance
      • Corporate governance
      • Quality and Production Management

Mid-incubation (Year 2)

      • Marketing and Sales Management
      • Growing profits
      • Business management
      • Quality standardization

Advanced incubation (Year 3)

      • Performance measurement & review
      • Preparation and implementation of an exit plan

Post incubation

      • Monitoring of the business performance for up to three years
      • Provision business support services on a demand basis

Workshop Provision

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