Who We Are

The Small Enterprises Development Company (SEDCO) is a public enterprise that is wholly owned by the Government of the Kingdom of Eswatini. SEDCO exists as a legal persona that was established in 1970 under the Companies Act No.7 of 1912 as a limited company and is a category “A” public enterprise under the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Trade.

SEDCO is an organization established to create, develop and promote Small, Micro and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the Kingdom of Eswatini. We exist primarily to stimulate home grown entrepreneurship with a sustainable economic growth through entrepreneurship development and growth.

To date MSME development features prominently in the country’s strategy for economic development as articulated by the National Development Strategy (NDS), the Strategic Road Map for Economic Recovery and the MSME Policy 2018.

Our Mission

To provide entrepreneurship development interventions to contribute to national economic growth, employment creation and poverty reduction.

Our Vision

To be the pinnacle of sustainable entrepreneurship development.

Our Values


We firmly adhere to a generally acceptable code of ethics, and are honest, at all times, when dealing with all our stakeholders.


We are committed to providing quality services and upholding ourselves to the highest standards possible.


We consistently search for and generate creative ideas and solutions in our endeavour to deliver on the mandate.

Customer centric

We prioritise customer needs at all times.

Team Work

It is our conviction that through collaborating with each other, and partnering with our stakeholders we can achieve more. 

Our Motto

“Business Growth Is Our Business”