Applications For Cija Ngebhizinisi Competition Open

The Small Enterprises Development Company (SEDCO) is now accepting applications from MSMEs for the sixth edition of the MTN-SEDCO Cija Ngebhizinisi competition. The competition awards MSMEs with E10,000 cash for recapitalising their businesses and provides free entrepreneurship training.

The Cija Ngebhizinisi partnership between SEDCO and the MTN Foundation was established in 2018 to support entrepreneurs in Eswatini. The initiative has reached out to approximately 200,000 people through various platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp and call-ins. The program has awarded a total of E250,000 in prize money and provided free entrepreneurship training to 85 entrepreneurs from all regions of the country.

According to Zamantolo Fakudze, SEDCO’s Corporate Communications Officer, there will be a two-round competition that will ultimately lead to 20 entrepreneurs receiving free five-day training, which will focus on entrepreneurship and will be administered by SEDCO. Out of these twenty, five participants will be awarded E10,000 each as prize money. Fakudze also added that the competition is open to all Emaswati who are involved in entrepreneurial activities across all industries.

“This competition has had a significant impact on the development of MSMEs over the years. It not only provides a capital injection but also offers training that is essential for improving entrepreneurial literacy in our country. Studies have shown that training is one of the most effective tools for capacity building of MSMEs. That’s why programs like Cija Ngebhizinisi are crucial in developing MSMEs and ensuring their long-term sustainability,” said Fakudze.

Cija Ngebhizini Podcast

Entrepreneurs who wish to participate in the Cija Ngebhizini Podcast competition can do so by following the Cija Ngebhizinisi digital training series. The training series is available on various digital platforms, including radio, and SEDCO’s Facebook and YouTube channels. The lessons are conducted in siSwati to ensure that marginalized groups, who have previously been excluded due to the language barrier (as most training workshops are conducted in English), can also participate in the training.

The digital training series offers short training sessions designed for entrepreneurs to help their businesses grow and increase revenue. Fakudze emphasizes the importance of following the training series because the winners of the competition will be selected based on the successful implementation of the business development strategies taught in the digital training sessions.

Application Procedure

SEDCO’s WhatsApp number 76110445 can be used to request application forms for the competition. Printed copies of the form are also available at SEDCO branches. The application deadline is March 1, 2024.