High School Students Visit SEDCO

On Thursday, SEDCO received a visit from 30 students from Sibovu High School. The purpose of the visit was to inspire and develop the students’ entrepreneurial thinking to drive discovery, creativity and innovation.

Addressing the students, SEDCOs Business Coach Zakhele Masuku said at the heart of entrepreneurship is the desire to solve a problem. “An entrepreneur identifies a need and seeks to create a solution. Successful entrepreneurs contribute to the country by creating innovative and sustained solutions for long-standing problems”, said Masuku.

Masuku further said that entrepreneurs contribute to the economy by creating businesses and employment opportunities for others. “Entrepreneurship spurs economic growth in several ways. The most obvious one is by generating employment opportunities. Entrepreneurs, at even the most basic scale, employ people, providing them with income that they can spend which fuels the movement of the economy”, said Masuku.

The students took a tour around the SEDCO estate and visited two enterprises that manufacture clothes. They learned about the production process and the owners also shared with them stories about their entrepreneurial journey.