Vukani Bomake Business Skills Training

SEDCO hosted a business skills training for Vukani Bomake Project, an initiative that capacitates women, youth, and people living with disabilities with business and vocational skills.

During the closing ceremony of the Vukani Bomake business skills training, SEDCO’s representative, Mr. Themba Dlamini said the collaboration between ITC and SEDCO aims to increase the competitiveness and sustainability of MSMEs by strengthening the capacity of support institutions like Vukani Bomake. He further stated that this training will greatly enhance the participants’ capacity to effectively manage their enterprises and improve profitability.

“SEDCO’s objective is to improve MSME business management for sustainability. I am delighted that today we are concluding a training of MSMEs from the marginalised groups in society. 74% of businesses in Eswatini are located in rural areas while 74% are owned by females with business as their only source of income.  We have women and people living with disability who are engaged in various entrepreneurial activities here today. This is a recognition of the fact that everyone can engage in some income generation activity to improve the livelihoods of households and communities in our country”, said Dlamini.

SEDCO-ITC Programme

As part of the SEDCO-ITC programme, SEDCO will deliver training to 160 selected MSMEs on entrepreneurship and basic business management. The training will cover the following topics: recordkeeping, entrepreneurship, marketing, business planning, risk management, costing and pricing, tendering skills, and customer care.